Friday, December 3, 2010

Corporate Hotel Program Compliance (1 of 5)

Compliance is a measure of how much the buyer’s behavior is aligned with the corporate policy. If the traveling employee (the buyer) is following the corporate travel policy, and is staying at preferred hotels, then this buyer is compliant. If she or he is staying at non-preferred hotel (provided the availability of a preferred hotel at the destination city), and/ or is not following corporate travel policy by booking a suite rather than a standard room (for example), then this buyer is non-compliant.

One of the critical components of any corporate hotel program, or procurement best practice, is compliance. A procurement or travel manager (manager), when dealing with compliance issues, is primarily focussing on three things: how to measure compliance, how to control it, and how to improve compliance moving forward.

I have put together four articles that shed more light on the topic of corporate hotel program compliance. You can click on the hyperlink below to check them out:

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